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Website Design


We want to ensure that simplicity and user-friendliness are the key hallmarks of your website. And this is why at PieTree, we follow an approach of previewing the finest designs and then implementing it upon client’s approval. A stunning website design not only appeals to the masses but is also SEO-centric i.e. lightweight, which helps in fast page loading time. Whatever your business niche is, we can come up with creative designs that will only set you apart to forge a unique impression onto your customers. We ensure that our web designs provide seamless user experience across multiple devices such as laptop, smart phones and tablets. The emphasis is on not only creating beautiful designs but ensuring fast loading website on a range of devices.


Our highly intuitive and quality website development services have catered to thousands of different niches. Our developers work on a range of platforms including the likes of PHP, WordPress, Java and Node Js. Every website deserves a fresh perspective and this is why we work on all sorts of platforms to provide customized and stunning functionalities. Business and E-commerce websites have gained a wide expertise from our developers who not only ensure the technical aspects are in accordance, but also keeps the SEO parameters in check so that client do not have to chase marketing individuals for making tiny SEO adjustments. Speedy, secure, Multilanguage, multi gateway payment, breadcrumbs, Google Maps; you name the functionality and we are highly capable to incorporate it into your website.

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App Development Service


Apps are extremely proficient in reaching your targeted traffic even across the seas and oceans. However, the era now demands the apps to be equally compatible just like their desktop counterparts. Pertaining to this need, PieTree creates stunning functionalities on apps, for both IOS as well as Android platform. Our mobile app developers are abreast to the trending mobile app design and functionalities and ensure that the app ensures scalability, security and speed across a range of android and IOS devices. A stunning mobile app can compensate a diminishing presence of a business website to a significant margin. We also provide assistance related to AppStore, GooglePlay, Blackberry World and Window Store. Our rigorous testing ensures that no bugs will affect the performance of the app.

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Amazon Web services have revolutionized the way we deploy our services to our end consumers. Cloud computing is highly reliable, secure and incredibly scalable. However, the technical expertise required to set it up and maintain is enormous for an average business owner. This is where our AWS development services can bring value. Along with the hardcore technical expertise, we also bring benefit of cost-effective per hour compensation with regards to other AWS development services. Whether you want to leverage the computational power of Amazon, or simply want to migrate your business to and fro from its servers, our AWS development team brings a lot to the table for affordable pricing.

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Blockchain Service


Block Chain has brought a staggering amount of protection to data accessibility and tampering. Its advantage is quite obvious in the world of crypto currency. At PieTree, we are ready to culminate its pros and technicality for other industries also. We can include a plethora of block chain features such as custom block chains, private block chains, smart contracts, security token offering and what not. Our Block chain development service includes all the migration and technical assistance in order to provide a seamless experience to our clients. And your customers will gladly enjoy the superior power of data immutability with our custom block chain solutions.


Realizing the potential of the Internet of Things, we started getting acquaintance with it from nearly half a decade ago. We ensure a thorough analysis of our client’s businesses crucial parameters before crafting stunning new IOT solutions. We have implemented IOT solutions for a range of day to day devices such as vehicles, TVs, mobile phones, alarms, security weapons. Basically any device which is capable of transmitting and receive data through internet can be installed with the appropriate IOT solution. We know that most of the IOT solutions are for the bespoken requirements and we are thoroughly capable of fulfilling it.

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